Refactored "learn-datascience-by-coding" platform helps you learn data science 10x faster. It is a scientifically proven fact "learn-by-doing" is the best way to learn and helps to become a data science rockstar.


Show case your data science coding skills on our platform and earn badges and certificates. Show case your projects portfolio to earn internships and jobs from hundreds of companies that are hiring from our platform.


"In God we trust. All others must bring data. - W. Edwards Deming". Are you looking to hire top data scientists and machine learning engineers based on data? Contact us to get access to portfolios of job seekers.

Industry Certificate

For advanced learners we created industry tracks that allows to earn industry specific data science certificate by developing complex models using industry specific data sets and earn an industry certificate.

Periodic Table Of Algorithms

Period table of algorithms allows you to explore more than hundred algorithms that can be used to develop data science and machine learning models. This table will help a novice to an expert to explore the world of algorithms and learn how to apply them using Jupyter powered learn-by-coding platform.

Data Science Foundation

Modern Data Science skills are dependent on expertise in four fundamental areas. They are Mathematics and Statistics, Python Coding skills, Data Handling skills and in-depth knowledge of Algorithms. Our platform allows you to choose to gain these skills in individuals tracks.

Training Program

If you prefer to learn in a instructor driven guided environment, then we got your covered. Enroll in our world class training programs that are focussed on not only making you an expert in data science, but also focussed on giving you job ready skills that will get you your dream job.