AWS DeepRacer Virtual Workshop

25th August; 18:00 (IST) - 20:30 (IST)

Join us for an immersive hands-on experience with AWS DeepRacer with reinforcement learning (RL), an advanced machine learning (ML) technique. Whether you are new to the field of ML or looking to advance your existing skills, this workshop will help you build and train machine learning models that you can take to the virtual track with your fellow participants at the end of the workshop. All qualified participants will earn a Colaberry AWS DeepRacer Badge to showcase skills gained. The top three places will be awarded prizes!  

*Limited space, register today.

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Colaberry -AWS DeepRacer Intro Video from Colaberry School of Data Science on Vimeo.

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August 25, 2020

18:00 - 18:10 IST     Inaugural Address

18:10 - 19:00 IST     Training

19:00 - 19:15 IST     Break

19:15 - 20:15 IST     Testing & Evaluation

20:15 - 20:30 IST     Community Race

Start your engines - the race is on!