AWS DeepRacer Workshop

Join us for an immersive hands-on experience on Refactored platform to learn about Data Science and Analytics!

Refactored AI is an interactive, on-demand data training platform powered by AI. It augments the learner experience by delivering the highest level of continuously updated content to accommodate the ongoing advancements in the field of Data Science. The platform also provides personalization, and  feedback through custom analytics.

Visit  Colaberry page ( to learn more about our experience in education and empowering organizations and individuals.   

This unique offering from Zymergen - Colaberry is a carefully designed academic program embedded in an educational model. The program includes working on live, practical projects with the application of Data Science principles and tools.  

About Colaberry

Colaberry's mission is to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential by unlocking the power of data. Colaberry transforms data from an obstacle into an asset, and ensures that its clients are set up to not only succeed – but thrive – in today’s technology-powered world.

About Zymergen 

Zymergen integrates machine learning and manufacturing technologies to create novel products and materials inspired by nature and the environment around us.