Future of Work

Technology, automation and Artificial Intelligence are redefining our place in an automated world. As machines are replacing human tasks and jobs at an accelerating pace, businesses are facing unprecedented talent challenges. While most roles and skills of tomorrow are yet to be defined, data literacy lies at the heart of it.

of companies are behind with AI adoption
of companies foresee AI implementation barriers with lack of IT infrastructure
of companies will be replaced over the next 8 years if they don't adopt AI technology
Our Solutions

Refactored will help your organization thrive in the AI-driven world. Using the platform, you will recognize evolving scenarios, identify skill gaps across your organization and provide customized training to build internal data capabilities and high-performing data teams to drive innovation within your business.

Why Choose Refactored?
  • Amplify your human capital
  • Plan for talent pipelines
  • Build future-looking culture
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Drive corporate responsibility
  • Embrace technology as force for good
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